“Articles to be worried about ②”

“Articles to be worried about ②”

From J-HOPE to NCT Jae-hyun in BTS (BTS), what are the common features of 10 Korean stars?

A “color point” look that adds an accent to a colorful costume or makes a unique fashion with outstanding color matching. It would be nice to check the fashion of the Korean stars as an example, just to complete the styling in the color. This time, rather than dressing up, I gave a strong impression with just one color, and summarized the styling of the stars that were stylishly produced.

CRUSH appeared on the recently released IU’s official YouTube channel “IU Palette” and performed a live stage of the recent talk and the new single “Rush Hour (feat.j-hope of bts)”.

On this day, the two who met after a long time bloomed in music without a little bitter. IU welcomed him with CRUSH’s special tension, saying, “It can be counted with one hand in the Korean vocalist.”

The two followed a deep discussion of music in the “Service Consultation Center” corner. He sympathized with the rapidly changing music market and revealed an episode that experienced slump.

At the end of this day was a live stage that everyone was waiting for. First, singing each other’s songs, Crush sang IU’s “Lullaby”, and IU sang “Fall” of CRUSH. IU praised his “Lullaby” stage, “It was the best stage,” “too good and irritated,” and “I want you to remake it as it is.”

“SHINee” Onyu posted his selfie even though he was Key’s birthday w … “Our Bami’s Bami-!”

Blackpink Jenny makes a legal request for “private life leak”

Some fans of Jenny, a member of the K-POP’s leading girl group BLACKPINK (Black Pink), demanded a support for the affiliated office YG Entertainment for photos leaks on the Internet.

The Jenny’s Global Fan Union said on the 23rd, “The truth of the case is not the fans’ interests. There was a comment that would affect your artist as it was. YG was a serious privacy infringement and defamation. “

It turned out that a photo that Jenny was taken in a bathroom, a member of the girl group BLACKPINK (Black Pink), was leaked.

A, which leaked this photo, shared many photos through chat rooms opened in the messenger application “Telegram” on the 20th.

From the photos of BLACKPINK’s Jenny and BTS (BTS) V (Vi) V (Vi) in a character shirt, uploading a photo of a woman who is still a Jenny lying in a bathtub and taking a half -body bath. It was done.

Strictly speaking, I don’t know who is in this photo and what’s going on. However, the two affiliated offices still avoid comments as “private things.”

[Official] “BLACKPINK” and the new song “Shut Down” 1st in K-POP’s first Spotify global weekly chart

The title song “SHUT DOWN” of the 2nd album of the girl group “BLACKPINK” was the leader of Spotify’s top song global weekly chart.

“Blackpink” “SHUT DOWN” was a Spotify weekly song chart announced on the 23rd (local time in the United States).

Until now, there was no K-POP, which ranked first on the SPOTIFY weekly chart. Until the past, the highest ranking was the second place with the pre -release song “Pink Venom” of “Blackpink” 2rd album. “Blackpink” once again succeeded in updating his self -record and proved that it was the first and best in this field without enemies.

Straykids has unveiled the personal notice image of the new album “MAXIDENT”.

At 1:00 pm on October 7, Stray 크레이지슬롯 Kids will announce the new mini album “MAXIDENT” and the title song “Case 143”. Prior to the comeback, a variety of notice content, such as trailers, tracklists, and trailer videos of recorded songs, are being released sequentially through official SNS channels. At midnight on April 24, he showed his personal notice image and stimulated curiosity for the concept of the new album.

14 years ago, performing a genius full of rebellious spirit! Another ‘sex appeal’ that Jang Keun Suk is fascinating

On September 8th, I just entered the shooting of the new drama “Criminal Age”, which returned for the first time in about four years since the SBS “Switch -Change the World (2018)”.

On August 31, on August 31, he released his new single “Beautiful” in Japan, appeared on variety programs, etc., and showed his excellent talk power.

Dior’s ambassador, Ju Ji Hoon, attracted attention in a chic formal look.

Chu Ji Hoon attended a Dior event held in AMG Speedway, completing a wonderful visual and stunning height, but also a dandy and luxurious all -black styling.

The costumes and shoes worn by Ju Ji Hoon at the Dior event are all Dior’s men’s collections, and on that day, Ju Ji Hoon dressed in Dior’s Men’s Collection products perfectly and showed a Dior ambassador.

“TWICE” Sana, Milan’s enthusiastic beauty … The walking Prada goddess is down

Sana of the group “TWICE” boasted a beautiful look in Italy.

Sana uploaded photos on their Instagram, incorporating the status of Italy on the 24th. Sana recently visited Italy to attend a fashion week in Milan.

“Country where women should not go alone” 1st place Colombia … “The safest country” is Ireland

Colombia has been selected as the most dangerous country for women to travel alone in the world of the world. On the other hand, Ireland was the safest country, and almost all categories had a high safety index.

The CNBC broadcast on the 2nd (local time) on the 2nd (local time), as a result of a survey that “2022 women travel alone in 2022″, the most dangerous country for female travelers is Colombia. It was Costa Rica, the United States, Chile, Turkier (Turkey) and so on. ” In this survey, “ratio of violence and sexual violence”, “percentage of killed women per 100,000 people”, “safety index”, “How safe you walk alone at night” The seven indexes have been reflected by various institutions, such as “ratio” and “gender equality indicators”.

The Korean Group in South Korea and the US think tank, the Institute of Strategic International Problem (CSIS), won the Van Fleet Prize at the Plaza Hotel in New York Manhattan, USA on Tuesday. This award, awarded by Korea Society, Korea Society, was enacted to praise General James Van Fleet, who established Korea Society in 1957 after participating in the Korean War as a commander of the US 8th Army. It’s a prize.

Yanazu (Ryu Jin) Chairman and John Hamle CSIS, Director John Hamle, attended the annual dinner party of Korea Society on that day and was awarded directly. Korea Society states that “Chairman Yanagizu has been promoting friendship between the two countries for many years and has strongly supported the South Korean Alliance.” I explained.

The White House in the United States is South Korea’s concerns about the US inflation reduction method (IRA) on the US inflation of discrimination against Korean electric vehicles, in a seat where President Yoon Sogyol (Yun Sogyu) meets U.S. President Joe Biden by the United Nations General Assembly. “Finally,” he discussed what he had discussed about.

The US government -related international broadcast “Voice of America (VOA)” asks the news room of the White House’s National Security Council (NSC), “Is the US -Korea leader discussing Korean concerns about IRA?” “The problem was one of the themes discussed in the dialogue between the leaders,” he said.

South Korea’s Hanfa Solutions will reorganize business structures centered on solar business, and make the Galaria business a separate corporation.

The company held an extraordinary board meeting on the 23rd and decided to separate the human resources in the Galaria category. In addition, it was revealed that some businesses in the advanced material division (automobile lightweight material and EVA sheet) are separated as their own business. The division ratio is 89.8%, each with the company’s Hanfa Galaria, respectively. After a general meeting of shareholders on February 13 next year, it will be confirmed on March 1, next year.

The new corporate Hanfa Galleria will be in charge of the distribution business, including the department store business, and will be listed in March next year. For smooth stock transactions, the face value per share will be divided from 5,000 won (about 503 yen) to 500 won (about 50 yen). Shareholders who have 10 shares of Hanfa Solutions have continued to receive 9 Hanfa Solution shares (face value 5,000 won) and 10 new Hanfa Galaria shares (face value 500 won). Become. The shares of less than one share will be returned in cash according to the closing price standard on the first day of the new listing.

A large embezzlement case of about 4.6 billion won (about 46 billion yen) occurred at the Korean National Health Insurance Corporation. It is said to be the largest financial incident inside the public corporation.

The Corporation announced on Tuesday that a claim staff working in the Financial Management Office had embezzled about 4.6 billion won. The public corporation immediately accused the staff at the Kangwon (Gangwon) Wonju (Haru) police station and freeze their accounts.

The public corporation confirmed the embezzlement of the relevant staff on the morning of the day before. The staff was stayed abroad. Therefore, it is likely that the investigation and the addition of the damage may make it difficult.

The Corporation plans to deprive the staff of the staff and discipline by internal procedures. He also explains that he is working closely with the police to minimize the damage.

The embezzlement of 4.6 billion won is the largest amount of crimes that occurred inside the public corporation.

In the 2013 National Government Audit, eight public officials in 2008-2011 have paid 510 million won (approximately 51.32 million yen), embezzlement of money with insurance premium errors, auction dividends, medical expenses, and insurance premiums. It turned out.

Korean Bank / National Pension “$ 1 billion of the $ 1 billion currency swap”

The National Pension Corporation said on Tuesday that it had agreed to carry out currency swap transactions within the $ 1 billion of the Korean Bank (Han Bank).

The National Pension Fund Management Committee held a 5th Committee meeting at the Seoul President Hotel on the afternoon of the day, and decided to sign a $ 10 billion currency swap agreement with Korea in October. Was revealed.

After the contract has been concluded, the national pension will procure and invest in the dollar owned by Korea instead of buying a dollar in the foreign exchange market if there is foreign currency demand for overseas investment. The national pension will provide Korea Bank a corresponding Korean won.


Is this okay? ?

swap? ? I don’t know

Japan got off … because of Korea

I regret at the casino … Yuhito -sama showed at the “Cultural Festival” “16 -year -old real face”

“Wow! Sorry!”

From the casino room, the boys were very regrettable. The Kirin Festival, a cultural festival of the Tsukuba University High School held on September 10-11, was held. The eldest son of the Akishinomiya family, Yuhito, enjoyed the first Kirin festival.

The concept of the 66th Kiri -shin Festival is “Fairy Country”. It is said that each organization has adopted the elements of fairy tales and developed the project.

“I will do the gifts for each class of each grade. There are also haunted houses and casinos using classrooms, and band performances and dance. )


casino? ?

That word will come across

4 out of 16 staff members of the presidential room are multi -housing

In June, it was found that four of the 16 newly appointed high -ranking jobs were appointed in the presidential room.

In June, published by the Government Public Official Ethics Committee in the e -government, according to the registered high -ranking public professional property registration, King Yunjeong Economic Security Secret Officer has four officials in Seoul Zui and Gake. I declared.

Kang Innson Overseas Public Relations Secretary has two apartments in Seoul Zukujutei and Nabe Cave, two shopping streets in Ota, and Chang Songmin Future Strategy Planning Hall is one Seoul Zuikusa Apartment and Ryusan Offistel Country. I had it.

Including the first release last month, seven out of 27 staff members, which had been released until this month, were many houses.


The rich … you still make a profit

I’m haru

I’m haru

Rakuten Room after a long time the other day

I’m surprised if you look into it


The notification was amazing, so

“What is it …?”

When I thought about it,

It was posted on recommended users

I’m happy ~ 💕

Just Room

I was remodeling

So, I’m still happy!

Now I’m making a page like this

Focusing on beauty items and fashion

“This was good ~”

What I thought

“Nice !! I want it !! 💕”

I’m picking what I thought.

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I haven’t updated it,

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By the way, I’m Room

The trigger of the remodeling

This is Luka Kameyama’s notebook 📖

* You can read it for free.

Speaking of Luka

This book is very famous, so

If you are writing a blog

I guess there are many people who know.

Written in the notebook

“Tips for recommended users”

I read and tried it as it is

I was really a recommended user ✨

Personally “I see ~”

I thought about the world view.

Frequently blogs and Instagrams

The world view and unity are important

I ask, but

The world view is not so good

I didn’t know anything

I’m going to unify it in myself

Looking back, it’s messed up … 🌀

So “world view”

Explain carefully in words

It was done and it was helpful ✏️

If you are reading my blog

For those who are blogging and those who are not

I think you are coming,

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