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Dior iPhone14 PRO/14 PLUS/13 PRO MAX Case Prada GALAXY S22 ULTRA Case Card Interment Brand iwatch8 Band Luxury Fashionable

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Two years ago

“Oh, kids are now 12 o’clock. How do you arrive at Gangwon Land here?”

I then dried up my friends.

I went to the rafting with my friends.

In the evening, while playing a card game at the hostel, a friend will go to Kangwon Land without a break.

The time was too late and I thought it would be dangerous to get on the car.

“Kids are born, but even if they are in the order, there is no order.”

I dried up my friends, but eventually I went to Kangwon Land and came back to my own money that day.

“Jonghyun, want to go? Let’s go!”

Jinman becomes but asks

Two years ago, the memories of Gangwon Land rose.

“Yeah, let’s go. This is an experience.”

I arrived in Brisbane in the evening for three hours from Stan Sop.

Jinman was ready to unpack her baggage to the condo she booked in advance.

She went to the casino and she wore her clothes casually.

Suhyun wears a jacket and looks at me and says a word.

“It’s cool and I’ll be hot. I’ll be hot.”

As soon as I came out of the condo, I headed to the casino.

She entered her passport and entered after a $ 200 withdrawal.

It was a weekend, so there were a lot of people.

I know how to play a card game called Blackjack.

This is a brief description of the game rules.

Card numbers 2 ~ 10 and j, 온라인바카라 공식추천 q, k, A

J, Q, and K can be treated as numbers 10 and A can be applied to 1 or 11 on one side of the glass.

It’s a fight between dealers and players

It is a game that wins the sum of the cards of the dealer and the player.

Instead, if you exceed 21, you die as ‘burst’.

So the player bets before receiving the card and then receives two cards.


Do you want to get a ‘hit’ (more card) to get a higher number to win the dealer

In order not to do ‘burst’, ‘stay’ (not receiving cards) should be.

I found a blackjack table and sat down from behind.


I laughed and thought with a dealer.

‘I don’t think it’s going to make money, but I think I enjoy it and start with a $ 200 and get up twice.’

‘Let’s try it’

20 minutes later

I lost $ 200 in exactly 20 minutes.

Hyeju’s sister and Min -hyung, who are looking behind, can’t meet my eyes.

“Hu .. I’m fine.

Her hands are shaking as they pretend to be casual.

In less than an hour, I came to the casino to see Brisbane’s evening.

It’s Brisbane’s evening and Nabal and I keep thinking about the game.

‘I … Why did you lose … Why did you lose money? What did you do wrong?’

I came to karaoke with people who came to play together, and I am alone.

When I arrived at the condo, people had a drink, but I was bruised alone.

‘I … Why did you lose … Why did you lose money? What did you do wrong?’

Jinman looked at it and it was a pity

“Jonghyun. Let’s go at dawn and only 200 complaints. I have to find the main exhibition.”

I didn’t want to go at first, but when I thought about it, I thought about doing this one more time.

“Yes, I was so nervous before”

Enter the casino again

There was also a drink, so I was sitting at the table and I was not nervous at all.

I’m not nervous and focuses on the game, so I’m scraping money.

The dealer is surprised by the brilliant play, and the foreigners next to them are applauded.

It started with $ 200 and earned $ 550

Looking at the clock, it was 6 am.

I also found the main exhibition and earned $ 150, so I told Jinman to return to the condo.

“Jinman, let’s go to condo now. I found the main exhibition”

Jinman was losing money

“Jonghyun. Let’s go for an hour after an hour.”

I wanted to go, but Jinman didn’t know his feelings, so he replied that he just knew.

I was thinking about Jinman’s game next to it.

‘I lost $ 150 before I lost it before … Shall we hang over $ 150?’

‘Anyway, I didn’t come to the game, but I came to play the game.

I walked all $ 150.

Jinman sees it from the side and is surprised

“Jonghyun, you and Grano ??”

“It’s okay. I came to play the game anyway. I just wanted to go back.”

I lost $ 150.

“After … I enjoyed it …”

Wait a minute … I thought about it and the dealer is winning for five consecutive games.

This means that! The next edition is likely to win the player!

It is not true while studying later, but the dealer is always 51 to 49.

‘Yeah, because the dealer won the fifth consecutive edition, this version is very likely to win the player!’

I walked $ 200.

Jinman dries.


“It’s okay, it’s okay, believe me”

“God please”

I lost $ 200.

I still remember vividly

I have been told that people should not act emotionally, but to act rationally.

I lost $ 200, so I can’t see it.

I lost reason.

“Yeah .. Yes, the dealer won the 6th consecutive game, so now the player is really going to win.”

I walked all the remaining $ 200.

Jinman is not dry now.

“God … please .. Please save me”

I lost $ 200. I lost everything.

It was really cool at that time.

‘Oh gambling is like this,’ laughed.

I lost $ 400 and learned a lot.

‘Do not act emotionally, do whatever you do, act rationally. “

‘Know how to control’

‘Do not leave any trouble anywhere’

“My mother lost 400,000 won from that casino and got this lesson,”

Will you die for your mom? …

I have to be a secret for a lifetime.

Anyway, I learned about what and the shortcomings I had to fix that day.

Jinman remembers that she earned about $ 300 that day.

A few weeks later, however, Jinman made a car in the same place.

‘I really see the casino again’

Since then, people have never talked about the casino before.

She returns to the condo and she tells her lost money.


Taeho says a word.

“Brother. I think I had a good experience. I Toto and 4 million won. I have to try that experience in my life.”

I visited Brisban with people and went back to Stansop.

After that, I studied ‘Blackjack’ at home.

As I went to Gold Coast with her friends, I went to the casino and played a blackjack game again.

At $ 300, he came to hell and heaven and got $ 50.

‘I can’t gamble because the wall is small.’

Suhyun earned $ 100 by pressing the machine’s button that day.

“Jonghyun, like this, if you earn $ 50 for 3 hours while using your head like this, what are you doing?

“Life is one shot”

It was really fun to go to the casino, not the place to go to money.

After that I did not go to the casino.

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